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Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH: conquer 1,000 hills by E-Bike.

Cycle through the land of 1,000 hills with the wind at your back: Rhinehessen and the Nahe region. In Germany’s largest wine-growing region, with over 550 km of signposted cycle paths, you can hire and put the premium E-Bikes from Riese & Müller properly through their paces. On guided tours too, of course.

To create the perfect solution for journeys of enjoyable discovery, Riese & Müller has teamed up with three bicycle dealers, Rheinhessen-Touristik GmbH and the energy supplier EWR and established the Rhinehessen-Nahe Region E-Bike network complete with a series of E-Bike rental stations. The E-Bikes can be easily reserved in advance via an online booking system and hired from over twenty rental stations, which include bicycle stockists, tourist information offices, hotels and vineyards. The great thing about this booking system is that it also allows one-way rentals.

The rental businesses use the Swing nuvinci model from Riese & Müller, which comes equipped with the powerful Bosch Active Cruise motor and continuous NuVinci hub gear. Thanks to the charger which stays on the E-Bike, the battery can be charged up whenever you stop off at a wine shop or for lunch.

You can find more information on the E-Bike network at: