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Riese & Müller launches exclusive cooperation venture with the sharing platform carvelo2go

The Darmstadt-based premium E-Bike manufacturer, Riese & Müller, is significantly stepping up its collaboration with carvelo2go, the Swiss platform for eCargo-Bike sharing, across cities and towns alike.

The fruitful partnership between carvelo2go and Riese & Müller began back in 2015 and has been successfully bringing the sharing concept to a host of different Swiss cities ever since. Yesterday, the kickoff event for interested dealers took place at the Mobility Academy in Bern. In 2017, this cooperation venture will be taken to the next level across Switzerland in yet more cities and towns, with Riese & Müller and carvelo2go as exclusive partners.

Bike sharing, an organised system of communal bike use, is currently one of the business models bearing the greatest potential for future development – particularly when it comes to cargo bikes. Empowered by the high-quality eCargo-Bike fleet from Riese & Müller, dealers act as service partners, or “hosts”, providing drop-off points for bikes. Together, they join forces to drive forward the sharing concept.

“We are delighted to extend our cooperation venture with carvelo2go”, says Heiko Müller, Managing Director of Riese & Müller. “For us, the topic of eCargo-Bikes is one of the most thrilling areas in the entire E-Bike product range. The eCargo-Bike sharing from carvelo2go therefore goes hand in hand with our notion of contemporary mobility. Furthermore, we can implement this wonderful project in collaboration with our specialist dealers as steadfast partners.”

carvelo2go is the first sharing programme the world over to feature a large, publicly accessible fleet of electric cargo bikes. Using the platform, both households and companies can reserve and use cargo bikes. carvelo2go is a project by the Swiss Cargo Bike Initiative, from the Mobility Academy (Mobilitätsakademie AG) of the non-profit TCS and the Engagement Migros development fund (

Acting as the promoter and operator of carvelo2go, the Mobility Academy also ascribes great significance to its partnership with Riese & Müller. “In this cooperation venture, we have at our disposal the proper basis for rolling out and successfully running carvelo2go throughout all of Switzerland. The products from Riese & Müller have truly proven themselves in tests”, explains Jonas Schmid, Project Manager at carvelo2go.