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"Fully recommended" – Charger GX put to the E-mountain bike test

In the "E-Mountainbike" magazine, 07/2016 edition, the Charger GX rohloff was tested down to the last nut and bolt. The result - an amazing test report:

Even at the first glance, the Charger GX rohloff won over the testers on the editorial staff: "Seriously strong tubing, thick mountain bike tires on wide rims, Rohloff gears: the Riese & Müller Charger GX rohloff is built like a tank and not like a traditional trekking bike – awesome!"

And the features of the Charger GX rohloff also withstood the critical inspection of the testers. Above all, the wheels are picked out as an outstanding characteristic of the Charger GX rohloff: "The Rohloff hub gear and the XT front wheel hub are built into rugged 50 mm wide 27.5" rims, to which Schwalbe Rock Razor Tires are fitted. These semi-slick tires are otherwise used for enduro or even downhill biking. However, especially for Riese & Müller they are made from the long-lasting Travel Star rubber mixture – otherwise found only in tour tires such as the Marathon. Perfectly matched to the expected loads, the wheels are also fitted with 32 top-quality Sapim Race spokes in front, and 36 on the back wheel."

The cockpit, stem, and handlebars were also assessed as very good, with perfect dimensions for a trekking bike, as are the Ergon cork grips with adjustable horns. The Brooks leather saddle likewise enjoys a positive assessment in terms of comfort. Although, according to the testers, it takes 600 to 1,000 km to break in, it is very comfortable from the get-go and retains this quality over time. The suspension Cane Creek Thudbuster seatpost provides even more comfort.

And during the practical test as well, the Charger GX rohloff convinced the editorial team of the "E-Mountainbike" magazine. Thus, even when fully loaded and riding off-road, the frame loses none of its enormous rigidity. In addition, the Suntour Aion suspension fork with 100 mm spring travel reliably absorbs large impacts and does not jitter during braking or under full load. In terms of finish and durability, the testers describe the Rohloff gears as a masterpiece of the art of engineering. According to the testers, with their huge range the gears harmonise very well with the support from the Bosch CX motor, so that any climb can be mastered with ease. The testers of the editorial staff were also enthusiastic about the Schwalbe Rock Razor Tires and the wide rims: "The flat centre lugs create little rolling resistance and only slight rolling noise, and on the other hand the solid side lugs provide decent stability in curves. Here, the broad rims provide the tire with decent stability and also partially flatten out the profile. This means that the side lugs can grip more quickly (…) You'd look in vain elsewhere for that sort of comfort and grip."

The summary of the editorial team after 1,600 km on asphalt, gravel, forest paths, and worse: "To keep it short: It’s what a trekking bike should be! The Riese & Müller Charger GX scores, not just because of uncompromising top features and well-thought-out details, it also offers very high travel comfort, versatility, and absolutely reliable riding behaviour on every terrain. After 1,600 km, we could detect no wear or defect, and the price of 4,999 € is therefore perfectly justified. Fully recommended!"

Test report in E-Mountainbike 07/2016