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The new Delite – a showcase model

With the new Delite, we are unveiling the third edition of our most versatile E-Bike model. Eleven model variants, including five 45 km/h models, form our latest flagship.

Delite touring 54 / solar orange

By using two fully integrated batteries with the Bosch dual battery system, the battery capacity is doubled to 1,000 Wh, which makes us "best in class" in terms of range.

The combination of 27.5" wheels with broad tires and Control Technology offers optimal shock absorption, safe road adhesion, and outstanding running smoothness, even at high speeds. Under the designation "Control Technology", Riese & Müller combines all fully suspended bikes from the 2017 model year. The active rear swing arm, the optimised front-wheel suspension, and the co-sprung luggage carrier constitute its core.

A further technical highlight of the Delite is the use of a Gates carbon belt drive with the NuVinci hub gear variant. A deflection pulley runs entirely along the chainstay, which allows the belt to be installed without a frame divider and to work optimally with the suspension. A highly functional design and intelligent detailed solutions such as the cable routing concealed in the frame give the Delite its unmistakable character.

The new Delite will be available from October 2016 from a price of 4,899 €.


About the Delite