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Two test victories in ElektroBIKE 2017 – Outstanding result for Cruiser and Tinker

In the comprehensive test by the annual magazine ElektroBIKE from the Stuttgart-based publisher Motor Presse, the Riese & Müller models Cruiser city and Tinker nuvinci were awarded the test result “Outstanding” and were the winners in their respective categories.

The Cruiser city came first in the City/Lifestyle category. It won over testers primarily as a comfortable complete package with a harmonious motor and excellent range, but also with its design. The testers described it as having an “easy-going appearance” and by saying “the Cruiser city rolls through the city confidently and relaxed”. The Cruiser city is equipped with a Bosch Active Cruise motor, the low-maintenance Shimano Nexus 8-speed hub gear and Magura hydraulic brakes. With its elegant combination of colours in a retro design, it's a real eye-catcher.

The conclusion of the ElektroBIKE editors: “The Cruiser city from Riese & Müller delivers a well-rounded total package for style-conscious cyclists with high demands for comfort, provided by its combination of suspension elements, large tires and a relaxed, upright seating position. The motor is not too powerful and propels the bike smoothly. Furthermore, the Cruiser features an easy-going and confident riding behaviour. It certainly lives up to its name.”

The Tinker nuvinci secured victory in the Compact category. The Tinker, too, scored points with excellent riding comfort, as well as with the combination of the powerful Bosch Performance CX motor, belt drive and NuVinci gear. The testers described the Tinker as a “little powerhouse with first-class riding comfort”. The Tinker nuvinci is equipped with the continuous NuVinci hub gear, Gates belt drive and hydraulic disc brakes. The compact E-Bike can be adjusted to different body heights to meet the highest expectations in terms of comfort.

The conclusion of the ElektroBIKE editors: “First-class comfort is traditionally a pet passion of Riese & Müller. With its high-quality features this is also true for the Tinker, which secured victory in the test. Suspension elements, wide tires and ergonomic fittings ensure the bike is extremely comfortable to ride. The motor delivers competent and swift propulsion – even, and especially, uphill (...).”