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A great range and a new E-Cargo bike. The near future has double the range.

Preceding the path of E-Bikes, that is the aim of Riese & Müller. The next step is being taken with the launch of the e-cargo bike Packster, a new Delite model and the broad use of the DualBattery concept.

Riese & Müller is doubling the range of its E-Bikes thanks to the use of two integrated batteries with the Bosch DualBattery system. This increases the capacity to 1,000 Wh and makes Riese & Müller the best in class when it comes to range. The DualBattery technology is used in the load, charger and the two new Packster and Delite models.

Packster – the variable cargo bike concept.

In addition to the previous success model, the Load, the Packster is the second cargo bike by Riese & Müller. Major variability and a huge space offering are guaranteed by the smart loading concept: children, shopping, tools and deliveries – corresponding security and weather protection accessories mean that you are prepared for everything. Driven by Bosch Performance engines with a comfortable NuVinci hub or a sporty derailleur gear, the bike is the ideal form of transport through city traffic. The DualBattery with a charging capacity of 1,000 Wh tops off the drive package of this contemporary, urban cargo bike.

The clear, minimalist shapes, smart functions and high driving dynamics show unique engineering and design skills. “With the Packster, we want to further drive one of the most exciting areas in the E-Bike segment. E-Cargo bikes are set to have a great future,” explains Markus Riese, Managing Director of Riese & Müller.

The Packster is available in four equipment options from October 2016, including two 45 km/h models, available from EUR 3,999.00.

Packster nuvinci / Urban grey metallic

The Delite. A showcase model.

With the new Delite, Riese & Müller is presenting the third version of its versatile E-Bike model. Eleven model variants, including five 45 km/h models, embody the latest flagship of the premium brand from Weiterstadt. The combination of 27.5” wheels with broad tyres and Control Technology offers optimal shock absorption, safe road adhesion and outstanding balance, even at high speeds. Under the term Control Technology, Riese & Müller combines all fully suspended bikes from the 2017 model year. The active rear swing arm, the optimal front-wheel suspension and the co-suspended carrier are its core.

A further technical highlight of the Delite is the use of a Gates carbon belt drive with the hub gear variant NuVinci. A deflection pulley runs entirely along the chainstay, this allows the belt to be installed without a frame section and to work optimally with the suspension.

A highly functional design and intelligent detailed solutions such as the cable routing concealed in the frame give the Delite its unmistakable nature.

“For me, the Delite has reached a new level of evolution. Similar to the car industry, a solid basic concept provides the basis for very differently designed model variants. With the DualBattery option, ranges previously unimagined can be achieved with the Delite,” says Heiko Müller, Managing Director of Riese & Müller.

The new Delite will be available from October 2016 from a price of EUR 4,799.

Delite touring 54/Solar orange

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