The Delite mountain.
A challenge for every mountain.

There may be no literal superlative of mountain biking enthusiasm, but the Delite mountain will show you what it looks like. Every performance-driven rider will be amazed by the incredible dynamics of the high-torque Bosch Performance CX motor. Along with the battery and shock absorber, the motor is installed in a particularly low and central position, allowing a level of handling that was previously only possible with un-motorised mountain bikes. Thanks to Control Technology with full suspension, the Delite mountain can conquer any terrain. And by the time you experience the superb traction – even at low speeds – you’ll be lost for words.

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Delite mountain / oyster white / frame height: 49 cm / optional equipment: DualBattery
Delite mountain / urban grey metallic / frame height: 49 cm / optional equipment: DualBattery
Delite mountain / solar orange metallic / frame height: 54 cm / optional equipment: DualBattery, ABUS Bordo Plus

» A cross between a trekking bike, mountain bike and a tank. A crossover artist and a dark horse – and exactly the right bike for long, extensive rides off the beaten track. «

E-Mountainbike Magazin | 08/2016

» Endless power. The Delite mountain takes advantage of the new DualBattery solution by Bosch combining two 500 Wh batteries. They are used in parallel (...) and thus discharged in an equal manner to increase their service life.  «

E-Mountainbike Magazin | 08/2016

» The Delite mountain is therefore ideal for everyone looking for a versatile touring bike to mainly ride on gravel and off-road.  «

E-Mountainbike Magazin | 08/2016

» The long battery life, bottle holder and high comfort make this Riese & Müller the ideal long-distance runner and lay the foundation for a truly unique E-Bike concept. «

E-Mountainbike Magazin | 08/2016

» Ride further, experience more!" is the motto of the Riese & Müller Delite mountain, (...) a true wonder of comfort, you won't want to get off in a hurry. (...) Fortunately, thanks to the seemingly endless battery capacity of 1,000 Wh, this is hardly ever necessary. «

Design & Innovation Award | 2017

Look forward to the obstacles that line your path.

Only an E-Bike with true full suspension keeps ground contact on poor roads – and keeps you in full control. The active rear swing arm and optimised front wheel suspension form the core of the Control Technology. They ensure better road holding and safety at high speeds and in tricky situations. Vibrations and hard knocks like those experienced on cobbles or kerbs are significantly diminished.

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Twice the range. Twice the riding pleasure.

Riese & Müller is doubling the range of its E-Bikes with dual battery technology – in other words, by adding a second battery. This steps up battery capacity to 1,000 Wh. Using a charger, both batteries can be charged at the same time. Depending on your needs, you can also use just one battery to go on a ride. Its dual battery technology puts Riese & Müller at the top of its class in terms of riding range.

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One drive. This drive.

The Bosch Performance CX motor has been forged from pure passion for the athletic driving style of E-mountain biking. With a high torque of up to 75 Nm, ferocious acceleration and muscle strength back-up of up to 300% at up to 25 km/h, no mountain will ever be too high again. And even when walking, your E-Bike helps you out with its pushing aid.

A so far unequalled battery capacity of 1,000 Wh is achieved by means of the DualBattery technology, i.e. the use of two batteries in parallel. Ultra-modern Bosch lithium ion batteries, each of 500 Wh, provide the power for our E-Bikes. It is of course possible to fit just one battery.

The standard Intuvia display or optional Nyon display can serve as a control centre with a smartphone charging function.

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A bright future.

Always ride with excellent road illumination thanks to the IQ-X headlamps from busch+müller. Only daylight is brighter than their exceptional brightness of over 100 lux. With its very wide-sweeping and homogeneous large-area illumination of the street, you won’t miss a thing. They are operated via the Bosch display, while the energy is supplied via the battery. The Tail Light from Supernova makes you very easy to see from the rear. At the same time, it is hardly noticeable and very discreetly mounted on the rear disc brake.

With no holder, there’s no holding back.

The E-Bike features two water bottles, but without a single holder attached. This technical feat is revolutionary. The front cover plate of the frame is equipped with two plastic pegs on each side, both left and right, specially designed for direct mounting of the cageless water bottles from Fabric. It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to keeping two bottles within perfect reach during a ride.

Steal success from thieves.

With the optional ABUS Bordo 90 cm folding lock, the bike can be secured to virtually anything. It locks simultaneously with the battery lock, which means you only need one key for your E-Bike.

Packed for adventure.

For riders who like not only being off the beaten track but on it too, there's the optional co-sprung luggage carrier. With its superlative stability and suspension, the first-class riding characteristics of the Delite mountain are maintained even with a full load.

Turns mountain peaks into peak performances. And makes molehills out of mountains.

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