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Top marks for Delite GT touring and Packster nuvinci in the ElektroRad test

As part of the comprehensive test conducted by ElektroRad magazine, published in their current 01/2017 edition, the Delite GT touring was awarded with the first-ever “Touring Bike Tip” test certification and achieved the overall rating of “excellent” in the touring bike category. The Packster nuvinci also scored an “excellent” in the category “Special Bikes”.

Featuring first-class equipment such as Control Technology with full suspension, a stable frame and the Performance CX motor by Bosch, the Delite GT touring is fitted with everything a touring bike needs. “... the motor turns it into a rocket ... with outstanding ease”, the editors commented. Combined with two 500 Wh batteries thanks to Riese & Müller’s new DualBattery technology, the bike offers an unprecedented range. “The suspension fork and rear shock absorber, just as the disc brakes, derailleur gear with XL pinions, ergonomic and stable handlebars and front light are all top-notch, made by leading manufacturers”, the report continues. The editors went on to give top scores to even more aspects: “The robust 27.5’’ wheels are made for directional stability. Wide curves are a pure pleasure. The sensitive chassis irons out everything. The tires run smoothly and deliver good grip even on gravel. The brakes: perfect. The gear ensures optimum climbing (even with a load).” The overall conclusion by ElektroRad magazine: “The Delite GT touring is an inspiringly capable touring E-Bike of supreme quality. Its overall performance is phenomenal.”

The Packster nuvinci impressed the ElektroRad editors as an all-rounder. Its loading length of 60 or 80 cm, the Transportbox or Kids-Box and wide range of accessories make the bike extremely variable. For heavy loads or particularly long rides, the Packster is also available with DualBattery technology, in other words with two 500-Wh batteries. The powerful Performance CX motor also excelled in the test and was described as particularly smooth-running while being extremely effective on hill starts. The Nuvinci gear, which can be shifted under load and while stationary, also contributes to the excellent evaluation. The editors’ overall conclusion summarises this: “Variability and great range make the Packster a true all-rounder for various different purposes.”