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The new Packster 40.
Compact E-Cargo-Bike extends the Packster range.

With the Packster 40, Riese & Müller, manufacturer of premium E-Bikes, is launching a compact E-Cargo-Bike onto the market for the first time. With a loading length of 40 cm and a weight of less than 66 lb, this is the perfect crossover model between and E-Bike and larger cargo bikes. The clever Packster concept allows various set-up options - from Box to Carry System with child seat - and impresses with the agile riding behaviour characteristic of Riese & Müller. The uses of the Packster 40 are therefore unlimited.

The new Packster 40 extends the Riese & Müller Packster range to include a short E-Cargo Bike that functions as a crossover model between E-Bikes and the classic E-Cargo bikes. The Packster 40 is based on the Packster platform, which stands out with its reduced and functional design, its multifunctional use, enormous loading options and ability to be adjusted to a range of body sizes. "With the Packster 40, we have fulfilled our dream of a modern, dynamic E-Cargo bike that will impress any cyclist: from young parents to those of any age who often forgo their car but who don't want to miss the handling of a normal bike," says Markus Riese, founder and CEO of Riese & Müller.

The Packster 40 is as agile as a normal E-Bike but has a 40 cm long front storage space. Thanks to its light weight of less than 66 lb, the Packster 40 is also easy to lift, e.g. over steps to get into the back yard.

Just like the Packster 60 and the Packster 80, the Packster 40 has the option of choosing between the standard set-up and various other set-ups with clever design features. The so called Box has wooden side walls that can be removed or folded down provides even greater loading capacity. This is emphasised in particular by the narrow silhouette of the Packster range. There is also the completely new Carry System that comprises a metal framework with upholstered side walls or weather-proof and water-tight Cordura material. A net and zipped pocket on the interior provide a place for small items. Additional panniers can be attached to the framework. The Carry System is also optionally available as a comfortable child version with upholstered child seat and a height-adjustable headrest. The Packster 40 is designed for a child to be seated facing the cyclist. Also available as an option and in combination with the Box or Carry System is a practical, glove compartment - a complete innovation in the E-Cargo range. It is located in the base of the Cargo surface, which is folded out to open.

The Packster 40 is motorised with the most suitable Bosch drive for the model in question. It is also optionally available with Riese & Müller DualBattery Technology. This doubles the range.

The Packster is available for delivery from September in both racing red and light grey and in five equipment options from 3,599.00 £.


Packster 40 city: Bosch Active Cruise, 400 Wh, 8-gear Shimano Nexus, 3,599.00 £.

Packster 40 touring: Bosch Performance CX, 500 Wh, 10-gear Shimano Deore, 3,959.00 £.

Packster 40 touring HS: Bosch Performance Speed, 500 Wh, 10-gear Shimano Deore, 4,499.00 £.

Packster 40 nuvinci: Bosch Performance CX, 500 Wh, continuous NuVinci, belt drive, 4,409.00 £.

Packster 40 nuvinci HS: Bosch Performance Speed, 500 Wh, continuous NuVinci, belt drive, 4,949.00 £.

About Riese & Müller.

Riese & Müller is a premium German manufacturer of E-Bikes, E-Cargo Bikes and folding bikes. Founded in 1993 by Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, the company currently employs 250 people at its site in Weiterstadt near Darmstadt. In addition to the founders, Dr. Sandra Wolf has been Managing Director since 2013. With its products, Riese & Müller is shaping the E-mobility products of tomorrow and represents application-oriented product development, innovative E-Bike technology and the powerful riding dynamics that are characteristic of Riese & Müller. The brand has a global presence and distributes its products via an exclusive specialist dealer network.

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