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Premium - right down to the last detail.

As a dynamically growing E-Bike brand, we have set ourselves the challenge of marketing premium products to a growing mass market and of relying on regional retailers to help us do it. We are taking the first step with a new design strategy. As part of this strategy, our website has been completely overhauled and the content as well as the design have been made more professional.
In this appeal to end customers, the emphasis lies on our technological expertise and unique riding experience. Interested customers can learn in detail about every model and are always directed to the nearest retailer - which is you.

Find a retailer quickly

We remain true to our principles and we are continuing to focus on regional retail. This is because neither photographs nor an online configuration can replace a test ride. The unique feeling of riding a Riese & Müller bike can only be experienced live in your store. For this reason, the retailer search has been completely revised and made much simpler. The aim is to achieve more leads and generate more contact with you as the retailer.

The fastest route to the retailer: online.

To provide users with the fastest route to their new Riese & Müller bike, alongside the classic retailer search function, test centres and experiences stores are now also integrated directly into the product pages. Customers automatically see in a retailer tile, a type of business card, where he can try out his ideal - or similar - bike nearby.

Nothing beats the experience.

Our new website especially highlights the experience stores because they offer users the best and widest range of service. They see an extended retailer tile with a picture and the opportunity to arrange a test ride directly via the website.

Find a retailer. Find an E-Bike.

In addition to the compact retailer tiles on the product pages, every retailer also has their own large profile page. This is where users can find the retailer's complete opening times and various contact options. Experience stores also have the option of uploading a picture gallery, a descriptive text and events.

The fastest route to a bike is the route to you.

To make customers’ routes to you simpler, the retailer search has been redesigned. As well as a map view, it also offers a list view with retailer tiles. The search results can be filtered by the various test centres and by experience stores.

Over 100 models. Three categories. Easily found.

Following the integration of blueLABEL into the Riese & Müller core brand, there are only three main categories: E-Bike, E-Cargo and Folding Bike. A large selection module on the home pages guides users directly to the series in their preferred category.

The ideal route to the perfect model.

The product summary in the E-Bikes category now has a richly detailed filter option. Users can filter the series according to Control Technology, motor options available, step-through heights and special uses. This provides the fastest solution for finding E-Bikes that meet the user's personal needs.  

The art of German engineering without the double-Dutch.

Control technology, Bosch Performance CX, low step-through - when it comes to buying an E-Bike, there are a lot of technical terms to get to grips with. Explanatory layers are used at these points so that nobody feels completely lost on their search for the perfect bike.

Hundreds of models. Each one the perfect solution.

Once a user has decided on a series and a frame type, the next step is to choose the type of model. A brief description of the features provides the user with all of the information needed to make that choice. For the first time, the price of the model in the standard configuration is now displayed to make the decision even easier.

No gimmicks. Just customers’ dreams.

The configurator is the central element of the models page. It gives the user detailed information about each configuration point that goes beyond the standard configuration and is child’s play to use thanks to toggle buttons. Complex variables such as the frame height or spring firmness have been supplemented with recommendations regarding the rider's weight and height.

Many pictures say more than a thousand words.

In parallel with the revamp of our website, a new, more professional image and design language has been created. Our premium bikes have been showcased and highlighted as exactly what they are - premium - on two big photo shoots in Barcelona and Frankfurt. The shots create an all-encompassing, emotional world of images. With these images, the Riese & Müller brand is intuitively emotionally charged, as it gives the observer a glimpse of the unique riding experience.

Good design always wins.

The new clear and powerful design drew its inspiration from the characteristic Riese & Müller frame design. Our old design language (typography and colour) was integrated in a slightly revised form into the new look and feel. There is a clear emphasis on flatness and the use of large images that show the premium features and characteristic product design of our bikes.

Good design is just the beginning.

As part of the relaunch, both the design and the content have been given a professional makeover and revised in terms of its appeal to end customers. The technically challenging content is now easier to understand and is fun to read. Despite this, experienced bikers will still have all the detailed information they need at their fingertips. The level of detail has been very carefully checked at every level and tailored to the demands of the target group.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I change my profile?

    To make changes to your profile, please contact your internal sales team member.

  • How do I become a test centre?

    If you conclude your contract on the Eurobike, you can become a test centre through the purchase of various test bikes. 

  • Where are retailers displayed everywhere?

    Riese & Müller retailers are displayed on all of the product pages of the new website. The only requirement is that they are a test centre for their respective category. A Birdy model page, for example, only shows retailers who are folding bike test centres. A Charger page, on the other hand, only shows retailers that are E-Bike test centres. This is intended to ensure that our customers always get the best possible service. The regular “retailer search” continues to show all retailers as usual, even if they are not test centres.

  • What data is needed for my profile?

    The retailer profiles show not only the retailer's name, but also the address, opening hours, contact details, company holidays and test centre details. As an experience store, retailers can also add pictures as a well as a brief descriptive text.

  • Why does an experience store always come up first, even though it's much further away?

    Riese & Müller experience stores have chosen to carry a comprehensive portfolio of Riese & Müller products and make the brand a true experience within their stores. For this reason, they are showcased with particular emphasis.

  • I'm not being geo-located to the right area and I can’t find my nearest retailer?

    The site uses IP tracking to determine the first retailer shown. In Germany, this method has an accuracy of 76% over 10 km. So differences can occur, and it is possible that you may be the nearest retailer but you aren’t shown as the first in the list.

  • Why am I shown on some pages and not on others?

    This can happen for several reasons: it may be that you are not a test centre for the product category you are currently in. If you are on a Birdy page, for example, you will only be found if you are also a folding bike test centre. It may also be the case that there are considerably more retailers than test centres in your area for certain categories than in others. In this instance, it may be that you are not one of the nearest retailers displayed on the page.