Explore Sylt with Riese & Müller in 5-star Hotel BUDERSAND.

At the Hotel BUDERSAND in Hörnum on the North Sea island of Sylt, you can hire our Riese & Müller premium E-Bikes during your stay at the 5-star property and use them to discover the island.

A fleet of twenty E-Bikes, comprising the classic Culture nuvinci, the sporty Delite mountain and the Load E-Cargo Bike are available. All E-Bikes are equipped with control technology and full suspension, making them especially comfortable and safe to ride. The trained staff at the hotel issue the E-Bikes to guests. Alongside the classic rental option, it is also possible to reserve a three-day package from home.

The BUDERSAND Hotel offers exclusive products that meet the most exacting quality criteria, in line with its philosophy. This matches Riese & Müller's premium approach perfectly. While hotel guests are familiarising themselves with the riding comfort of the Riese & Müller E-Bikes, the hotel supplements it recreational activities with another highlight.

All test E-Bikes are equipped with NuVinci Optimized® shift technology. The continuous NuVinci gear hub can be operated gently and comfortably - without any jarring jumps from gear to gear. Its easy selection using the rotating handle on the handlebars means that the perfect ratio range can be selected intuitively, producing a unique and revolutionary riding experience.

More information about our partner BUDERSAND Hotel - Golf & Spa - Sylt can be found here: http://www.budersand.de/de/hotel/mobilitaet/.

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