Experience trips for E-Bike enthusiasts with Fahrrad Fuchs.

Whether it be experience trips spanning several days or themed day tours, with an E-Bike trip from the experience store Fahrrad Fuchs in Groß-Gerau, you can put Riese & Müller's E-Bikes through their paces and try them out for yourself. You can choose from the entire Riese & Müller portfolio.

For several years, Fahrrad Fuchs has been offering E-Bike experiences inspired by the motto of “Done with lots of fun and lots of fun to do”. The packages range from themed day trips to trips spanning several days to Provence, Alsace or the southern Black Forest.

As a Riese & Müller experience store, Fahrrad Fuchs also stocks our entire product portfolio and is renowned for providing the best service and workshop quality.

More information about our partner Fahrrad Fuchs can be found here: http://www.fahrrad-fuchs.de/.

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