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The E-Bikes from Riese & Müller.

Strictly speaking, an E-Bike is a bicycle with two accelerators. You win the daily race through the city and outpace everyone on hill ascents. Sporty, some might think. We say: effortless. With even a gentle push on the pedals, you feel the boost of a tremendous force – from the Bosch motors. Since then, a headwind has been a good friend. That's how cycling is supposed to feel.

For every destination and route to it, Riese & Müller Pedelecs in numerous model and gear versions and pedal assistance up to 25 km/h offer the perfect solution. From sporty to comfortable. Functional

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Athletic riding through town and country

With Control Technology


The best of the best

With Control Technology

Delite 25

Performance par excellence

With Control Technology

Delite mountain

Everyday athleticism

With Control Technology


Maximum comfort for everyday use

With Control Technology


Long-distance runner


Power pack for mountain and valley

Supercharger mountain

A classic with new power

New Charger

A classic with new power and lowered top tube

New Charger mixte

Pure energy


Pure energy - with a low step-through

Charger Mixte

Pure energy - on tours

Charger GX

Classic design and speed


Sporty. Beautiful. Uncomplicated.

Roadster mixte

The clue is in the name.


Cruising with low step-through

Cruiser Mixte

Visionary. Purist. Athletic.


All-round comfort


Superbly compact. Totally urban.


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