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Setting things in motion:
The Riese & Müller E-Cargo Bikes.

The reasons why someone would need an E-Cargo bike are as varied as people themselves: Whether it's getting children to nursery quickly and safely, delivering goods to customers avoiding traffic jams, taking sports and leisure equipment up the next mountain or saving on fuel costs. Whether within the family or their own business. One thing they all have in common: they want more freedom. And they have great plans. How practical that the E-Cargo bikes from Riese & Müller are perfectly prepared for these challenges. Among the versatile Packster family or with the sporty Load, everyone will find the perfect bike for their individual needs.

Loadable. Durable. Thrilling.

With Control Technology


Compact. Spacious. Adjustable.

Packster 40

Extraordinarily spacious. Tremendously variable.

Packster 60

Heavy cargo bike

Packster 80

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