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The Supercharger mountain.
The mountain calls. And you're already there.

When taking a trip on the Supercharger mountain, the feast for the eyes doesn't begin with the view down into the valley after the first climb. Because the bike's look alone makes the heart of every bike enthusiast beat more quickly: one or even two fully integrated Bosch PowerTube batteries set new standards in design. In addition, with battery capacity up to 1,000 Wh, they offer a massive range for trips. As the ultimate hardtail E-mountain bike, the Supercharger mountain offers excellent riding behaviour, exclusive components and a ride performance that leaves everything you've experienced so far in the dust.

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Supercharger mountain / urban silver metallic / frame height: 46 cm


The Bosch system

Reliable, performance-oriented and innovative – these are the standards to which we hold our E-Bikes, as well as all components and especially the drive system. That's why all Riese & Müller E-Bikes are equipped with the industry-leading Bosch drive system.


Depending on the configuration

500 Wh PowerTube DualBattery 1,000 Wh


Depending on the configuration

Intuvia Display Nyon Display

Design miles ahead.

A technology and design highlight: the optional DualBattery technology with two Bosch PowerTube batteries fully integrated into the top tube and down tube. This results in an incredible battery capacity of 1,000 Wh. Besides being able to go twice as far on long trips, you no longer have to worry about your range in your day-to-day riding either. Our engineers have integrated the batteries so skilfully that the additional weight and battery position have no noticeable effect on riding behaviour. The Supercharger mountain comes with one battery as standard and can be fitted with an optional second Bosch PowerTube battery. 

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E-Bike at second glance.

A frame that looks like it was cast in one piece. The eye wanders along the futuristic-looking frame, with its characteristic top tube slope, but cannot find the battery straight away – because it's never seen one like this before. But it's there. In fact there are two Bosch PowerTube batteries fully integrated in the frame. The colour scheme, with its sharp separating lines along the tubes, gives the frame a striking and sporty look, while the seat position is ergonomic and relieving.

Everything perfectly framed.

On the Supercharger mountain every detail is highly functional. Including the design. Because the cables are concealed in the frame. The superbly finished frame thus comes into its own and all key technical components are well protected.

Helps night owls see in the dark.

The Busch & Müller IQ-X headlamp lets the night shine in a new light. It is inconspicuously mounted under the display and is hardly noticeable. Only daylight is brighter than its exceptional brightness of over 100 lux. With its very wide-sweeping and homogeneous large-area illumination of the street and terrain, you won’t miss a thing. They are operated via the Bosch display, while the energy is supplied via the battery. The Tail Light from Supernova makes you very easy to see from the rear. At the same time, it is hardly noticeable and very discreetly mounted on the rear disc brake.

Like riding on air on bumpy roads.

The air suspension from premium manufacturer FOX combines low weight with superlative functionality and allows optimum chassis control. The suspension fork and suspension element can be set at three levels using the quick adjustment mechanism (Climb, Trail and Descend mode) to match the terrain requirements. 

With no holder, there’s no holding back.

A water bottle within easy reach, but without a bottle cage attached. This technical feat is revolutionary. The front cover plate of the frame is equipped with two mounting studs on the right-hand side, specially designed for direct mounting of the cageless water bottle from Fabric. A second bottle cage can be mounted in the frame triangle in the traditional manner.

No one can take the adventure away from you.

For riders who not only enjoy being off the beaten track, but also long trips and everyday riding, there's the optional carrier. With the included ABUS Bordo 90 cm folding lock, the bike can be secured to virtually anything. It locks simultaneously with the battery lock, so you only need one key for your E-Bike.

The fastest route to a standstill.

The hydraulic Shimano Deore XT disc brakes guarantee maximum control in any situation and any weather. Their large brake discs allow the braking effect to be optimally applied as needed. They don’t produce rim wear and impress with their consistent braking performance.

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The ultimate hardtail E-mountain bike. For steep mountains, rough tracks and rocky descents. Meets the highest standards of design and quality.

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