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The Packster 40.
Small frame - big ideas.

The Packster 40 holds more than it promises: At 2.23 metres, it is only slightly longer than a conventional bike, despite its large cargo area. And that has a threefold impact: It is easily stored, weighs less than 30 kg and is surprisingly agile. The Packster 40 is extremely practical, offering an optional child seat that can easily be folded down into the footwell of the box, creating a sizable cargo area in an instant. The Packster 40 is a compact yet giant hero of day-to-day life.

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Packster 40 nuvinci / racing red / optional equipment: Carry System
Packster 40 nuvinci / light grey / optional equipment: Carry System
Packster 40 city / racing red / optional equipment: Carry System
Packster 40 touring / racing red / optional equipment: Box


The Bosch system

Reliable, performance-oriented and innovative – these are the standards to which we hold our E-Bikes, as well as all components and especially the drive system. That's why all Riese & Müller E-Bikes are equipped with the industry-leading Bosch drive system.


Depending on the model and configuration

400 Wh battery 500 Wh battery DualBattery 1,000 Wh


Depending on the model

Performance Speed Active Cruise Performance CX


Depending on the configuration

Intuvia Display Nyon Display

Twice the range. Twice the riding pleasure.

Riese & Müller is doubling the range of its E-Bikes with DualBattery technology – in other words, by adding a second battery. This increases capacity to an incredible 1,000 Wh. Besides being able to go twice as far on long trips, you no longer have to worry about your range in your day-to-day riding either. The second battery is mounted behind the cargo surface in order to keep the bike's centre of gravity low and to maintain the excellent riding behaviour. This is why the DualBattery version is only available in combination with the box or the Carry System.

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Does not bend to any challenge.

The frame has extremely high rigidity values. The less bendy the frame, the more direct the transfer of force, and the E-Bike tends to jitter significantly less. Coupled with the low cargo centre of gravity, the Packster 40's superior riding characteristics are clearly noticeable.

Genuinely compact class.

The Packster 40 offers as much cargo surface as possible in as little space as necessary. With its reduced length, 48 cm-wide cargo surface and its agility, it needs less storage space than other E-Cargo bikes. And at less than 30 kg, it's a real lightweight in its class. Its compact length means it can even be mounted on a car rear-mounted bike rack. To do this you only have to remove the front wheel, so the Packster 40 is only 2 metres long.

Grows with its tasks.

The height-adjustable stem and saddle allow you to adjust the Packster 40's seating position to different body heights in the blink of an eye. This ensures that the Packster 40 can easily be ridden by almost any member of your family or circle of friends and a quick change of rider is possible at any time. 

Pack twice as much.

If the front storage space is not enough, there is always the optional carrier. It is ideal for attaching panniers, making it perfect for longer bike trips too. Other accessories can be attached with just one click thanks to the "snapit" system from racktime. The carrier is fitted as standard on the HS models.

A bright future.

Ride with excellent road illumination at all times with the high-performance Avy LED headlamps from Busch & Müller (Packster 40 city), E3 from Supernova (Packster 40 touring and nuvinci) or the IQ-X E headlamps from Busch & Müller on the HS models. They are operated via the Bosch Display, while the energy is supplied via the battery. The HS models feature permanent lighting.

The fastest route to a standstill.

The hydraulic disc from Tektro deliver maximum performance, no matter what the weather. The large brake discs allow the braking effect to be optimally applied as needed. They don’t produce rim wear and impress with their consistent braking performance.

Steal success from thieves.

Park your Packster 40 wherever you want. Only you can take it away. The standard frame lock clicks shut simultaneously with the battery lock, so you only need one key for your E-Bike. We recommend the optional combination of a simultaneously locking ABUS Bordo as a second lock and a bottle cage plus water bottle.

Take a test ride and enjoy the unique riding experience of our E-Cargo bikes live.

Take a test ride and enjoy the unique riding experience of our E-Cargo bikes live.

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Keeping an eye on the most important thing.

The optional child seat allows you to convert the Packster 40's cargo surface into a comfortable seating area for your child. A padded 5-point belt provides a high degree of safety and you'll never lose sight of your most valuable cargo thanks to the upright seating position facing the rider. The seat cushion of the child seat can easily be folded into its footwell, creating a cargo surface in the blink of an eye. And the seat cushion is stowed safe and dry. The child seat is only available in combination with the Carry System.

Sets the bar high. Also in width.

Do you need to take more on your trip than you thought? Is the barbecue party in the forest bigger than expected? No problem, because a large cargo surface also means greater freedom and a lot of spontaneity. With the optional box you can remove or fold down the wooden side walls in order to transport wide loads. If you need to leave something important in the Packster 40, an optional, lockable glove box offers extra storage space.

Transport: good.

To go along with your Packster 40, the optional accessories provide the ideal solution for your transport plans. In the basic version the cargo surface is bare, i.e. there is no box, making the Packster 40 as customisable as possible.

The Packster 40: Compact. Spacious. Adjustable.

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