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Riese & Müller selected as the top brand in 2017.

With a total circulation of almost 60,000 readers, E-BIKE magazine, published by Delius Klasing Publishers, is one of the most important publications in the cycling sector. It offers readers in-depth reports and a clear and professional overview of the latest developments in the cycling industry.

The Readers’ Award was presented in 2017 for the 19th time. Riese & Müller beat 133 competitors in the premium E-Bike sector in the “Best complete bike brand” category and was voted the best brand. “We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award. Public's choice awards really matter to us, as they represent direct and honest feedback from customers and confirmation of our work,” explained Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, founders and Managing Directors of Riese & Müller, at the award ceremony. In the cycling industry, the award is regarded as one of the most important, as the prize does not reward a single product but customers directly rate the very core of a brand. The Riese & Müller team had twice the pleasure on account of an award presented to the Packster 40 – the most compact E-Cargo bike of a new generation – as the winner of the Eurobike Award. In justifying its selection, the judging panel stressed above all the clean frame structure and convenient design of the Packster 40.

The survey in the E-BIKE magazine also asked readers for their reasons for buying an E-Bike. Readers stated the following as the most important criteria: “to be able to make longer trips”, “the fun factor” and “I am impressed by the technology”. These criteria, which are important to customers, are fully met by Riese & Müller in its new 2018 models. The focus of the 2018 model range is on integration, range and riding enjoyment. Riese & Müller Control Technology allows unique riding dynamics and riding safety to become a reality. Only an E-Bike with true full suspension keeps ground contact on poor roads – and keeps riders in full control. As one of the first E-Bike manufacturers, Riese & Müller uses Bosch DualBattery Technology in its ranges. DualBattery Technology utilises two 500 Wh batteries to achieve a range hitherto not thought possible. The integration of the batteries into the frame, as with the new Supercharger, is not just inspiring to technology fans, but the unique design and aesthetic truly make Riese & Müller E-Bikes unique eye-catching bikes.

The Readers’ Award, presented by E-BIKE magazine, coincides precisely with the 25th anniversary of Riese & Müller, and to celebrate this milestone the company founders, Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, are also fulfilling their E-Bike dream at the same time. The pair have developed their personal dream E-Bike – the Delite 25 – based on the high-end Delite model with Control Technology. Control and DualBattery Technology combined with Syntace and Fox Factory components with a Kashima coating, Shimano XTR Di2 gears and high-grade disc brakes make the Delite 25 a real show-stopper.