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Edelweiss E-Bike Travel – E-Bike tours for enthusiasts.

Exploring the world without a rush and gliding smoothly: These tours offer deep insights into the local culture & pure pleasure in Europe’s most fascinating regions.

Nine tours offered by Edelweiss E-Bike Travel present the culture and scenery of different regions of Europe in all their splendour. The premium E-Bike tours leave nothing to be desired. You will stay in charming, handpicked inns and be treated to delicious local specialities. Local guides, who know the area well, provide interesting insights into the regions' history. The Riese & Müller Nevo is the ideal touring bike for this, as it offers a maximum degree of comfort combined with high power, making even longer ascents a piece of cake.

Ride along the Via Claudia Augusta and experience the provincial charm of the Alps slowly giving way to the Mediterranean flair of Lake Garda. Be inspired by Andalusia's white villages and Spain’s vitality or discover Norway, where mighty rivers, fjords and glaciers will leave anyone awestruck. Edelweiß Bike Travel has been offering tours since 1980 and you can tell by the exceptional service: transfer shuttles from the train station, luggage transport, support vehicle with replacement batteries ...nothing is left to chance.

For more information on Edelweiß E-Bike tours, please visit the website: