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Delite GT touring is the winner of the big spring test by e-bike magazine

In the spring test published in the 1/2017 issue of e-bike magazine from Delius Klasing, the Delite GT touring HS inspired testers with its impressive performance and prevailed against the competition with an overall rating of 1.3 in the “S-Pedelecs” product range.

The Delite enjoyed particularly good ratings in the categories of comfort, safety and long range. “Despite its heaviness, weighing in at nearly 32 kilograms, it is child's play moving the bike and it remains stable and responsive at high speeds – and even over 40 km/h, it is still easy to control”, exclaimed the testers from the magazine. But what particularly won them over was the bike’s “sensitive” Control Technology with full suspension and its rigid frame. This very good rating for the Delite was likewise accounted for by its top-notch workmanship and all-weather equipment, including the Bosch Nyon display with navigation system and fitness function. The e-bike editorial staff summed it up as follows: “This innovative concept in the high-speed category boasts great comfort even at a quick pace, is ideally equipped and displays perfect workmanship.”

The Delite GT touring HS is available in three frame heights and colours. It is equipped with the efficient Shimano Deore XT 11-speed derailleur gear and Bosch Performance Speed motor. Control Technology with full suspension, hydraulic Shimano Deore disc brakes and super-bright IQ-X LED headlamps from Busch & Müller ensure maximum safety. Schwalbe Moto-X Fat Tires prevent any sinking on soft terrain.

The full test report can be found in the 1/2017 issue of e-bike.Sichern