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ExtraEnergy Award: three winners

The Load touring HS and Delite touring HS models were crowned victors in two categories in the major, independent autumn test by ExtraEnergy. A total of 85 E-Bikes were tested.

The Delite touring HS was recognised as the best E-Bike in the Touring and City Comfort categories. The judges were impressed by the bike's range made possible by DualBattery technology. The Control Technology with full suspension, ensuring particularly good road holding and riding safety – even at high speeds – scored extra points. The conclusion of the ExtraEnergy test: “The leader when it comes to range, it gobbles up miles and smooths out bumps along the way. A top-class Pedelec 45 for both the grand tour and the daily commute. Double test victory in the Touring and City Comfort product group for the Riese & Müller Delite touring HS.”

The Delite GT touring is equipped with a lightweight and efficient Shimano Deore XT 11-speed derailleur gear and hydraulic Shimano Deore disc brakes. The assistance provided by the Bosch Performance Speed motor of up to 32 mph leads to pure riding pleasure. Control Technology with full suspension delivers maximum safety.

The Load touring HS came first in the Family Transport category. Its long range thanks to the DualBattery technology again scored points. The conclusion of the ExtraEnergy testers: “The full-suspension Load touring HS comes with a Bosch dual battery. The high range and high performance make the Load the successful all-rounder of the test and the winner in the Family Transport category.”

The Load touring HS is equipped with a Shimano Deore XT 10-speed derailleur gear and hydraulic Tektro disc brakes. Numerous accessories, such as child seat, folding box and further transport solutions, make the Load incredibly versatile, enabling it to meet all transportation needs. Thanks to the Bosch Performance Speed motor and Control Technology with full suspension, it's never any effort, even when fully loaded.