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Video: Everyday riding enjoyment and up close with nature

Lars Schneider lives with his family in Norway. The winter up there lasts about six months – and yet he has nonetheless opted for an E-cargo bike as his everyday mode of transport. He tells us in a video how this came about.

Lars, how did you find out about the Load 60?

I was able to road-test various models through my collaboration with Riese & Müller. I was immediately taken with the Load 60. Of all the bikes in our garage, it is the one that we have the most fun with and has become a firm fixture in our everyday lives. It is simply a joy to ride, because it has such good road holding and, thanks to its motor assistance, I get to my destination almost as quickly as I would by car – not forgetting its environmental credentials either. The overall package is simply great.


What prompted you to switch from a car to an E-cargo bike?

We moved from Hamburg to Istfjorden in Norway to be surrounded by unspoiled nature. We live in the countryside and rely on a vehicle for everyday chores: even for relatively shorter distances, such as taking the children to nursery school or popping to the supermarket. We used our car for this for a while but that didn’t feel right, because the constant short trips are contributing to polluting the environment.

Of course, we already had bikes that we ride in our free time or for exercise. But that is simply different and everyday chores should not feel like exercise every time. We can bring everything together with the Load: it brings us into contact with nature and the elements every day, it copes with all the roads around here so that we are not reliant on a car and fossil fuels – and it rewards us with a great deal of riding enjoyment.

When he is not working as a contract photographer for well-known outdoor brands, he makes the most of his new homeland for everything for which he used to have to travel to do: ski-touring, trail running, trekking, fishing and bike racing. Riese & Müller organised a shoot with him on the Portuguese Algarve in 2019.

Photo Gallery – Lars Schneider

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