Control Technology

Only an E-Bike with true full suspension keeps ground contact on poor roads - and keeps you in full control. Riese & Müller has been installing Control Technology born of conviction since its first bike on the market. Since this time, the technology has been constantly developed and perfected further.

Delite Mountain

Maintains a deep relationship with the road.

The active rear swing arm, optimised front wheel suspension and co-sprung carrier form the core of the Control Technology. They ensure better road holding and safety at high speeds and in tricky situations. Vibrations and hard knocks like those experienced on cobbles or kerbs are simple smoothed out. Your luggage is also protected by the sprung carrier. Since it is securely attached to the main frame, your luggage is cushioned too. This also increases the safety of your ride and road handling, even with heavy loads. The Control Technology's suspension system responds with extreme sensitivity, offering the ultimate in suspension comfort. The result is powerful propulsion and sporty riding without any loss of energy.

To allow the Control Technology to work as efficiently as possible, we only use high-quality brakes and a special tyre mix for short braking distances. An optimised lighting system adds the finishing touch to our package for maximum safety on the road.

Left: without Control Technology - Right: with Control Technology

Three different suspension elements are available to choose from:

  • X-fusion Glyde R-PV steel / oil suspension element

    A steel spring is combined in this case with an oil damper. The special valve technology inside the suspension element prevents any pedal-induced movements from activating the suspension element. As such, any small impacts caused by the road or surface are beautifully compensated. The highly efficient suspension element can be adjusted using an easy-to-operate adjustment mechanism which regulates the shock speed. By changing the spring on the rear suspension element, the suspension can be adapted to the rider's weight, comfort preferences and preferred riding characteristics.

  • FOX FLOAT CTD Remote air suspension

    The air suspension from premium manufacturer FOX combines low weight with superlative functionality and allows maximum chassis control. The suspension fork and suspension element can be set at three levels using the quick adjustment mechanism (Climb, Trail and Descend mode) to match the terrain requirements. A remote control on the handlebars allows the front and rear suspension coordination to be operated with maximum ease. 

  • X-Fusion O2 air suspension

    The X-Fusion O2 air suspension element with oil damper offers maximum suspension comfort. The air pressure allows the suspension to be very finely adjusted to the rider's weight or preferred riding characteristics. The oil damper ensures excellent shock-absorbing properties.

All models with Control Technology

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