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It is wonderful when something that is born of conviction is also able to impress other professionals. Riese & Müller has won numerous awards already, and is gaining more all the time. This is a great honour for us.

Riese & Müller bikes are synonymous with good and carefully thought-out design. They combine aesthetics and function in a manner that inspires independent and internationally renowned juries time and time again. The Birdy, for example, has won one of the world’s most prestigious design awards, the iF product design award. At Riese & Müller, this fills us with particular pride.

We regularly submit our latest products to demanding competitions and product reviews - partly to have our capabilities verified and partly to document the high quality of our bikes.


Year Bike Award
2021 Packster 70 Focus E-Bike Design & Innovation Award
2021 Roadster Design & Innovation Award
2021 Homage Design & Innovation Award
2020 Load 60 Design & Innovation Award
2020 Superdelite Design & Innovation Award
2019 Superdelite Eurobike Gold Award
2019 Multicharger Design & Innovation Award
2019 Nevo GT Design & Innovation Award
2018 Homage Eurobike Gold Award
2018 Packster 40 Design & Innovation Award
2018 Supercharger Design & Innovation Award
2017 Packster 40 Eurobike Award
2017 Packster nuvinci

Design & Innovation Award

2017 Delite mountain

Design & Innovation Award

2016 Delite GT touring

Eurobike E-Bikes & Pedelecs

2016 Delite  Cosmobike Best Bike Adventure Product
2015 Charger GX rohloff Eurobike Award
2014 Riese & Müller Pony touring HS EurobExtra Energy Award (Best Lifestyle Pedelec)
2014 Delite super mountain Deutscher Designer Club, Wettbewerb Gute Gestaltung
2014 Charger naked nuvinci Red Dot Design Award
2013 Kendu nuvinci Extra Energy Award (Best family e-bike)
2013 Load IF product Design Award
2013 Charger naked nuvinci

Eurobike Gold Award

2012 Kendu

Eurobike Award

2011 Culture

Eurobike Award

2009 Delite hybrid 500 HS

Extra Energy award

2008 Birdy


2008 Birdy

Rat für Formgebung, German Design Council case study 08

2008 Jetstream

Eurobike Green Award

2006 Birdy

IF product Design Award

1999 Delite (bicycle) IF product Design Award

Culture (bicycle)

2nd place Shimano Bicycle Design Contest