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E-Bike check: 10 tips from the new Riese & Müller service workshop.

At our site in Mühltal, we have our own area which is mainly used for our in-house assembly of bikes and for repairs and inspections - since last summer, this are offers more space and new brand experiences in a new building.

All models

#1 Brakes

Pull the brake levers a few times and check the biting point. Can you pull the levers so that they are almost touching the handle? If so, the brake pads probably need to be replaced. You can shine a torch into the brake calliper from above. This allows you to visually check the thickness of the pads to the left and right of the brake discs.

#2 Lighting

Clean the front and rear lights with a cloth. Then, with the bike switched on, pull both brake levers once and see if the brake light reacts as expected. Also switch the main beam on and off once.


#3 Tires

Check the overall condition and the air pressure of your tires regularly. The ideal inflation is indicated on the side wall of the tire in the side wall colour, for example, “27.5 x 62-584 2.0-4.0 BAR”. It is best to apply tyre pressure approximating the middle of the above mentioned limits. This way the tyre has enough air to roll smooth, but at the same time softens vibrations from rough surfaces.

#4 Spokes

Make sure that your E-Bike is switched off. Remove the batteries if you want to be absolutely sure. Then, with the bike stationary, grasp the spokes with both hands as if you were playing a harp and apply some pressure with your fingers. Can you notice clear differences in tension? Is a spoke loose perhaps? If so, please take your E-Bike to a workshop.

#5 Suspension

Clean the retracted lower legs with a clean cloth. You can also sit on your bike and let your weight slightly compress the suspension fork or shock absorber to check that everything feels normal.

Touring model (chain drive)

#6 Chain care

Regular maintenance pays for itself when it comes to the chain drive. Simple rule of thumb: the more regular you clean it, the less effort is required. Once the chain drive is very dirty, it takes some time to get everything clean again. If the bike has got wet – in the rain, snow or even after cleaning – you should dry off all parts of the drive. This prevents the formation of rust marks. You should oil the chain afterwards.


#7 Chainwheel and cassette

The front chainwheel and the cassette with the sprockets on the rear wheel should be as clean as possible. A clean cloth, a brush and some biodegradable household washing-up liquid in water will help. The washing-up liquid should then be thoroughly removed with clean water and the cassette dried with a clean cloth.


#8 Jockey wheels

Check whether the two jockey wheels below the rear axle run cleanly and smoothly. If necessary, clean them from both sides. If the chain has been oiled too much, dirt will stick to the jockey wheels. Use a non-metallic object to clean them, for example an old plastic tyre lever.


#9 Chain

With a chain drive it is important that the chain is neither wet and/or completely dirty, nor too dry. You can clean and dry the chain with a cloth and then apply a little chain oil to the lower track while idling the crank. Too much oil attracts dirt, which can damage the chain. Therefore, you should wipe off any excess oil with a clean cloth. Then shift through all gears once to evenly distribute the chain oil to all sprockets.

Vario model (belt drive)

#10 Belt care

The Gates belt is considered virtually maintenance-free. In fact, a belt is considerably less work to maintain than a chain drive. But it should not be completely neglected either. A new system in particular needs to be kept supple with a silicone spray at the beginning. Thorough cleaning also helps ensure that the belt drive will last a long time. While dirt is not quite as damaging as with a chain drive, it can sometimes cause a slight creaking – a clear sign that the belt is running too dry and needs some care.

Daniel Neuroth, Co-Unit Head Service Workshop, Riese & Müller

Hello Daniel - in the summer of 2022, the service workshop at Riese & Müller moved into a new building. What has changed since then?

An important task of the service workshop is still the ready-to-ride assembly of new and used bikes. What has changed above all is the space available. We now have about twice as many workshop workplaces.

In addition, there is a new reception area with a showroom where our customers are presented with their new bike in an attractive way. There are also two additional areas here: product photography and a room for internal technical training.

Thanks for the insight, Daniel.