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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to my enquiry after I have submitted it?

    Our sales team will check over your enquiry. We will provide you with a response as soon as possible – usually within a few days.

  • Are there requirements that have to be met before a potential project can be implemented?

    Yes. One prerequisite is compliance with our Code of Conduct for Business Partners (PDF). In line with our Responsibility Strategy, at Riese & Müller we expect our business partners and their employees to act responsibly and adhere to our Code of Conduct and the principles derived from it.

  • Who will be my contact if my project enquiry is accepted?

    We will closely coordinate the way forward with you. Either your local dealer will be involved or we will arrange a direct sale with support straight from our sales team in Mühltal, Germany. As our mobility and business partner, we aim to provide you with optimum care and ensure that the bikes we supply are in excellent condition for a perfect riding experience.

  • Can I also approach a local Riese & Müller dealer with my request?

    Yes. We welcome our local dealers being involved in your plans. Besides selling our E-Bikes, our dealers are ideal partners for regular service and maintenance work.

  • Can I also order a different Riese & Müller model as a business customer?

    Yes. We would be happy to look into your request. Please bear in mind that no customisation or Smart Lock options are available for other models apart from the Riese & Müller Business bikes.

  • Can I order a Riese & Müller Business model as a private customer?

    Yes. To do so, please contact your local Riese & Müller dealer, who can order the model for you.

  • Can I order a Riese & Müller Business model with a Smart Lock as a private customer?

    No, the Smart Lock option is only available to business customers who are planning to roll out sharing projects with their Riese & Müller Business models (with 10 bikes or more).

  • Is there a minimum number of bikes I have to order as a business customer?

    No. Business customers are not required to order a minimum number of Riese & Müller Business models.

  • What delivery times should I expect?

    Delivery times depend on the number of bikes requested and the preferred Riese & Müller model. Once we have checked your enquiry, we would be happy to provide you with individual information regarding anticipated delivery times.

  • Are there customisation options?

    Yes. We can offer you customisation options starting from a minimum order of 10 Riese & Müller Business models. Our Business brochure describes these options in detail. Please be aware that we can only offer customisation options for Riese & Müller Business models.