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Supplier profile: Selle Royal, saddle manufacturer from Italy.

Selle Royal saddles are the first choice of many bike manufacturers and professional athletes. The company is run by Barbara Bigolin and her son Riccardo Losio, the second and third generations of the family. You sense a spirit of 'supporting cyclists' throughout the company, because every cyclist knows that riders truly value a properly selected, high-quality saddle.

Selle Royal S.p.a.

"Systemic changes are needed to drive forward climate protection."

Riccardo Losio, Strategy & Innovation Director, and Barbara Bigolin, CEO of Selle Royal

Why is production in Europe important to you?
We are not only proud of producing our saddles here in Europe, but also of the fact we purchase most of the materials from European suppliers. The covering material, the PP body of the saddle, the saddle struts and the packaging all come from Europe. We only procure around 30% of screws and nuts from Asia through European suppliers, and only about 10% of polyurethane foam and gel from the USA or Asia.

How would you describe your working relationship with us?
We have a really excellent working relationship with Riese & Müller. We have been collaborating constantly since Riese & Müller first fitted our Lookin saddle on the Culture model in 2001, and have witnessed and supported the company's success story at first hand. We are proud of that.
Today, Riese & Müller not only uses Selle Royal saddles on almost all models, but is also an active partner when it comes to feedback about our products. Our development team in Italy is now working directly with colleagues from Riese & Müller in the development of new saddles. We couldn't ask for more.

You are part of our sustainabill project. What insights have you gained from it?
Sustainabill is a marvellous tool that lets us test our supply chain against environmental and social governance criteria: from social, environmental and responsible corporate governance aspects. We hope to do the same for our own supply chain in the near future. It would be best if such a process were standardised in line with international standards. Then we could identify commitment across the entire supply chain.

What are the most important sustainability projects in your company? 
In our view, the concept of 'responsibility' is a better description for sustainability. Etymologically, it includes the aspect of 'response', an action that involves a proactive approach. We have done much in relation to culture and education, as sustainability is not just an environmental issue. Eight years ago, for instance, we launched 'iCARE'. The project aims to enable all employees to participate in corporate social responsibility targets. These might be measures that deal with people, participation in the workplace and outside, or simply relating to our planet. That is why we have decided to take action with two main projects. Firstly, with the development of products typified by an environmental approach, such as the Lookin Eco. It is made of 100% recycled plastic and the upper is 40% organic. Secondly, we are committed to a new type of environmental assessment at our production site, which will use the processes to develop action plans for improvement.

You signed the Shift Cycling Culture's Cycling Industry Climate Commitment. What was your motivation for doing so?
We firmly believe that systemic changes are needed to decisively push ahead with climate protection measures. Therefore, as an industry, we need to define an overarching vision – and strategies for achieving it. To do this, we need to share our experiences and use our respective skills to kick-start viable and effective projects. 

  • About Selle Royal
    • Founded in Pozzoleone, Italy, in 1956
    • Four production sites worldwide: in Brazil, China, England and Italy with approximately 1,400 employees, 450 of them based in Pozzoleone
    • 100% Europe-based suppliers to the Italian site
    • Riese & Müller partner since 2001


This supplier profile is part of the Riese & Müller Responsibility Report 02.