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The display.

The control centres of Riese & Müller E-Bikes are their Bosch displays. Besides four degrees of pedal assistance, you can choose from many other functions, depending on the model. The system is operated either directly on the display or via an external control unit. You can conveniently switch on the pushing aid using the remote control located on the handlebar.

Bosch Intuvia display.

The Bosch Intuvia display provides information about the battery charge level, the range, the number of kilometres travelled that day, the total number of kilometres travelled, the riding time, the current motor output, the time and the current and average speed. On our automatic E-Bike models, the automatic version of the display also offers an option for controlling the pedal frequency. A USB interface allows MP3 players and mobile phones to be charged while riding too.

The display at a glance.




LCD Display



Display control

4 buttons (power, reset, info, light)

Control unit

4 buttons (plus, minus, pushing aid, info)

Levels of assistance

4 levels of assistance (Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo). With the CX motor the eMTB mode replaces the Sport mode.

Customised level of assistance


Can be used when removed

yes (display has its own integrated battery – is charged by the system on the E-Bike)


Display mileage (trip & total), speed, average speed, trip time, range, battery charge status, time and recommended gear / pedalling rate in automatic models

USB Micro A jack for charging a smartphone, MP3 player and other devices


* Feature may depend on the device being connected (model, software, age, etc.)

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