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The riders.

14 young people of different age groups - six female riders and eight male riders - are competing for our team with a focus on cross-country.

Jodie Zemke (U19)

Letting go of the brakes and clearing her head - that's what Jodie loves most about mountain biking. She got into cycling at an early age through her brother Jermaine and rode her first race at the age of five. Jodie's motto: If you brake later, you go faster for longer!

Jodie on Instagram

Sven Pollack (U19)

Sven Pollack is starting the 2024 season with the Riese & Müller MTB Racing Team in the U19 age group with a view to the 2024 World Championships. He has already taken part in his first international races in Elba and Nove Mesto - and has enjoyed many successes. He reached 8th place in the 2022 national junior classification and also achieved several top 5 finishes. Sven can really bring out his full performance when it's cold and muddy and the course is steeply downhill.

Sven on Instagram

Paul Krist (U19)

Paul has been riding his MTB since 2016 and enjoys endurance routes - the more kilometres and metres in altitude, the better. In addition to biking, he enjoys CrossFit training sessions to get himself in top shape for the races.

Paul on Instagram

Pepe Schulz (U19)

Pepe Schulz will be competing for the Riese & Müller MTB Racing Team in the U19 age group from the 2024 season. He is an enthusiastic endurance and competitive athlete and has been riding mountain bikes in the club since 2018. Long and steep climbs are Pepes' element, where he can fully utilise his strengths in races.

Pepe on Instagram

Kira Wolf (U17)

Kira is creative, committed and motivated. She likes technically tricky passages, fast descents and has been actively mountain biking since 2018. Her passion for cycling was passed on to her by her brother Henri.

Kira on Instagram

Luca Fesenmeier (U17)

Luca is fair, ambitious and a true team player. What he particularly likes about mountain biking is the combination of technical ability and physical exertion. In races, he regularly impresses with fast starts, foresighted race planning and technically demanding climbs. Luca is a member of the Hochschwarzwald cycling club.

Luca on Instagram

Rosalie Sporn (U17)

Rosalie is optimistic, open, motivated and always in a positive mood. She is a member of the Mainzer Radsportverein 1889 e. V. cycling club and particularly loves the challenge of mountain biking, both technically and in terms of strength and endurance. In races, the technically demanding descents are one of Rosalie's great strengths.

Rosalie on Instagram

Henri Wolf (U17)

Henri is a technically minded rider and works hard on his endurance. He loves riding cross-country and is also fast on the enduro. Recently, he has also discovered his enthusiasm for cyclocross. He describes himself as a focussed and pragmatic, but also relaxed cyclist.

Henri on Instagram

Fabienne Grothe (U17)

Fabienne has been mountain biking for six years. She always bites through the race and never lets herself get rattled. She considers Laura Dahlmeier, who has won multiple Olympic gold medals as a biathlete, to be one of her sporting role models.

Clemens Müller (U17)

Motivated, determined and a real team player. Clemens has been on a mountain bike since the age of five and is enthusiastic about the variety of the sport and the necessary balance of speed, fitness and tactics that a good mountain biker must have.

Clemens on Instagram

Laura Felter (U17)

She is ambitious and loves tough climbs, trails, the wind in her face and freedom: Laura discovered her love of cycling through her father and has been on a mountain bike since the age of six. If a race doesn't go as she had hoped, her motto is: " Fix your crown and ride on!"

Laura on Instagram

Julius Klose (U17)

Julius is a member of the MTB Sport Saar-Obermosel mountain bike club and has been mountain biking since the age of five. He describes himself as an ambitious and daring athlete. When the terrain is steep, Julius is in his element.

Julius on Instagram

Marlene Müller (U15)

Marlene Müller will be riding for the Riese & Müller Racing Team from the 2024 season. She can look back on a successful racing season in which she became Hessen champion and won the Riese & Müller Rhein-Main Cup as well as the Hessen Cup. In the 2024 season, Marlene is focussing on her first races in the national junior classification in her new U15 age group. She loves the thrill of the race start - and when it rains, she is in her element.

Marlene on Instagram

Paul-Frederick Gebauer (U15)

When his legs start to burn on the uphill, Paul-Frederick is in his element. Like his role model, Swiss mountain biker, Olympic champion and nine-time world champion Nino Schurter, Paul-Frederick always puts everything into the competition.

Paul-Frederick on Instagram

Detlef Wagner

From the 2024 season, Detlef Wagner will be in charge of the team as Sports Director. He is a former squad coach in Hesse, father of a passionate XC rider and an enthusiastic MTB rider himself. He supports our young athletes in their athletic development - whether on the side of the track, in the development of individual training plans and goals or during barbell training in winter.

Detlef on Instagram

Sylwester Babicz

Sylwester is responsible for the perfect condition of the bikes before, during and after the races. Changing wheels in the tech zone in a matter of seconds and the necessary coolness on the race track are his trademarks. He is a great support for our young talents who, thanks to him, can rely on their equipment and focus on their performance.

Sylwester on Instagram