Twice the batteries. Twice the freedom.

Riese & Müller is the first E-Bike manufacturer to implement Bosch DualBattery technology and is already equipping four series with it in the 2017/2018 season. This makes Riese & Müller E-Bikes and E-Cargo bikes unbeatable when it comes to range – of course, with a consistently one-of-the-kind riding experience.

Riese & Müller is doubling the battery capacity of its E-Bikes to 1,000 Wh, thus effectively doubling their range. After all, DualBattery technology enables the parallel use of two fully integrated 500 Wh batteries. Heiko Müller, co-founder of Riese & Müller, had this to say about the new technology: “In designing our bikes, it is important to us to develop the right concept for each application. For the DualBattery, we dealt intensely with the topics of range and riding dynamics, as it does not necessarily make sense to use two batteries with every model.”

Our engineers have integrated the batteries so skilfully that the additional weight and battery position have no noticeable effect on riding behaviour. With the Delite and Charger series, both batteries are located at central points within the frame triangle on the upper and lower tubes. On the Load and Packster E-Cargo bikes, the second battery is attached to the loading surfaces and boxes. You can find more information about the battery integration on the corresponding series pages and in the gallery below.

While riding, the batteries alternate. The system automatically tracks the charge states of both batteries and switches between them when it detects a charge difference of five percent. This ensures that both batteries are discharged and used in an equal manner, which significantly prolongs the service life of the batteries. If necessary, riders also have the option to use just one battery. In this case, it doesn't matter which unit the battery is attached to. 

The two batteries can be charged directly on the bike or detached and charged on an external charger – which is very convenient when no socket is nearby. Both batteries have the same key, 

which saves time searching for the right one. The same charger can be used to top up the batteries whether mounted or removed, but it is only possible to charge both of them simultaneously directly on the bike. The charging time for both 500 Wh batteries, starting from a completely discharged state, is about 9 hours, or 4.5 hours for just one of them.

With the DualBattery technology, day tours of over 70 kilometres are no problem at all, even on our HS models and E-Cargo bikes. This way, you can focus entirely on riding, without constantly being preoccupied by range. For short trips and in day-to-day use, the handy technology requires significantly less frequent charging. And Heiko Müller points out: “Even I did not realise the benefits of this system until I switched to an E-Cargo bike with DualBattery myself. While I used to have to charge my bike every two to three days, it is now sufficient to charge it just once a week. This means a major gain in comfort, because I no longer have to constantly worry about my range.”

The DualBattery technology is thus the perfect solution, not just for going on tours, but for day-to-day commuting as well. At a glance, you can always see the total range of both batteries and an indication as to which battery is currently being used, thanks to the two Bosch displays.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to retrofit the DualBattery. To install it, special cables and software adapted for use with two batteries are required, and these features can be included only during the initial configuration of the bike. The Delite series is the only one to include the basic system with both battery holders as standard. This allows the second battery to be retrofitted.


More about Bosch drive system

On the Delite & Delite mountain, the DualBattery is located at a central point within the frame triangle.
The DualBattery on the Charger is located at a central point within the frame triangle.
For the Packster 80, the second battery is attached at a low point of the frame below the loading surface.
In order for the Packster 60 to feature the DualBattery, the equipment option with Basis-Box or Kids-Box is required, as the second battery is mounted underneath the box.
On the Load, the second battery is fixed to the rear side of the loading surface.

The Bosch range calculator.

Calculate the range of your next E-Bike tour in advance online. You can enter parameters such as the rider’s weight, motor, battery or type of terrain. You can also influence the range independently of your E-Bike's technology. Reduced pedal assistance and more muscle power on your part can increase the range significantly.


Go to the range calculator

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